The Bluff Campus Wish List:

Need to clear your garage or office of unused items?  We have homes for them.

And..if you happen to be Mr. Bosch, Ms. Skillsaw, Uncle DeWalt or perhaps Joe Carhartt.. we are diligently seeking corporate tool and equipment sponsors for 2011 and beyond. Visit for more information.



The List:

Tool trailer: a large towable organizational trailer.

Medium sized tractor with loader bucket and ability to add PTO attachments


Miller renegade 180 welder generator or similar

Work Gloves

Sawstop 10 inch contractor’s model safety table saws

General Building Supplies

Laptop computer, Mac or PC

Solar photovaltaic augmentation

Refrigerators and deep freezers

16 Rolls Battery 4000 series S-460 deep cycle lead acid batteries (6v) or similar.

Gift cards to Home Depot, Cosco & Staples

Credit Cards for fuel

Gas powered towable concrete mixer, 9 cubic foot capacity or larger

Subscriptions to: Dwell, Chronicle of Philanthropy, Mother Earth News. Homepower magazine, Nuts and Volts, Architectural Digest, Dezeen, Metropolis, Native Peoples, Native Americas.

Pellet stove and installation piping

Large garage door for campus workshop

Copy machine & printer capable of 11 x 17 or larger printing.

A small plane. (It is a wish list after all)

It’s A Wrap!

The inaugural CU-Denver project is coming to a close, transforming the lives of clients Maxine and Maurice Begay and the hearts and minds of the twenty two students.  From foundation to finish work, four short months saw the completion of a home, yet the memories and lessons learned will last a lifetime.  Hand tamped rammed earth walls, custom doors and windows, cement board panels and a cooling tower define the aesthetic of this uniquely constructed home.  The final two weeks saw the students take ownership of the project, making it their own and in the end a livable home.  On Saturday, December 11th, the students witnessed the traditional Navajo blessing ceremony of the house, passing the flame from construction site to home sweet home, dancing the night away as the sun set on another successful semester.


Carpet tiles of varying color

We’re one intimidating crew.. sadly Casey and I had to leave. Thank you DesignBuildBluff!

Carpet tiles of varying color stacked in the wall for some insulation

We cut the door out then put it back on a track
We used donated translucent 3 form panels on the ceilings of the containers
The baltic birch on the walls is turning out very nice

We spent a week in Salt lake doing a little prefabrication. Jyana is making a little 3-form detail for the electrical.
We cut over one hundred strips of aluminum to create the caps for the roof on the Bath House and would like to give a big thanks to Sean who runs the Art shop at the U for letting us poach his 4′ sheet metal break. We couldn’t have done it with out you.
We also prefabricated our sliding doors at the Arch shop, being a shop tech has its benefits. The Machine shop at the U donated the labor to help roll the steel for our curved doors. The final product turned out perfect. Thanks for helping us get things done right.
Jyana is gluing up the the concrete forms for the sills. The first batch has just come out. Pictures to come soon.
A piece of scaffolding that has been leveled and we now have enough sand, gravel and concrete to make the sills.
This is our home made bender in action. The biggest shingle we needed to bend for the roof measures almost 4′x9′.The bender went through many modifications during the construction process and was made entirely of salvaged material. The prefab caps fit perfectly. The roof is almost done just a gutter and a few more caps.One last wall in the project. It is turning out great.

We were fortunate enough to witness and survive an amazing lightning storm Tuesday evening down here in Bluff. This shot was taken by Brad.
This one was captured by Casey up in the cemetary in Bluff.

Our exterior is almost complete

Casey warning treeptop of the impending storm

Half of the roof captured 5 gallons of water in 50 seconds… now we just need something to put it in.
It rained pretty hard

Running the electrical conduit for the Bathhouse

adaptive reuse
The roof of the residence
almost complete

This is our first window design. We need to make some modifications to get a better seal and efficent operation for opening and closing.
This is an exterior view showing the lean of the window hanging. This can be corrected by altering the hinge placement or adjusting the head and sill for a better seal.
We have interior walls and rough plumbing. The venting has been installed along the ceiling out under the eaves to minimize its presence on the roof line.

Today we finished up the shop roof. Thank you Big D construction for helping us out with the excellent roofing materials.

More pictures from Bluff…
starting to see the roof panels come together…

sills ready for windows…

rolling, rolling, rolling…

framing more curvy walls…

In the past few weeks we have been working on the roof, interior walls and sills for the windows. Things have been moving right along…
Interior walls getting started for electrical and plumbing…

work station in the shade…

This roof is going to be hot!!…