The firepit.

Probably the best place to have a barbeque ever.

Monsoon season has caused our house to begin rusting.

And it’s amazing.

A lot of plumbing work has been done to get the solar hot water system going.

And what is that shining on the roof and soaking up energy from the sun?

Solar hot water panels. Just a little more plumbing work to finish them.
The crew.

Annie came to visit.

A special clear window treatment was put on the windows in the bathroom and some in the bedroom to protect them from shattering. Below the first window of tint intended for privacy in the shower was applied.

Eric has had many compliments on his cabinets from visitors.

Night shots of the house.


Custom desk designed and built by Ryan. A Baxter favorite.

A design build bluff first – running water!

The final look of the shower.

Shelves at the entry of the house made of 3form panels and pipe clamps.

Today we stained all the concrete.

The stove has been converted to propane by our mechanic Atsushi.

Was it really that long ago we set 6,000 pressed blocks?

Ryan taking a breather and preparing to leave the Benally house.

That’s right, we’ve cleaned up and headed out. Soon the Benally’s will be able to move into their new house. We have a few things to finish up, but the house is practically finished.

Guest Blog: Atsushi Yamamoto.

The sun shines bright outsize and the counter top reflects comfortable light.

C.B. cleans up a gap in the adobe wall.

Adobe wall was thinly coated with a stain by Ryan. And the walls turned to be a little bit darker.
Lindsay skillfully removes the cover.

About a week ago we had a writer visit. She mentioned that the house was much more round in shape than depicted in the blog. Hopefully the first few pictures in this post will help clear that up. This house has a lot of curves.

The house Baxter grew up in is also in this photo.

Here’s a few angles of the house that haven’t shown up much on the blog.

Remnants of the shade structure from the dedication party.

We recently had visitors from Dwell magazine visit us in bluff. They’re working on a story about the Rosie Joe house for their November ‘off the grid’ issue. Thanks to James, Dan, and Chia.

Lindsay inspects her baby – the bathroom vanity – after the forms were removed.

The most recent addition to the house, a 3form window sill in the shower. Waterproofing never looked so good.

Finish electrical work has been started – as well as plumbing. Exciting pictures of plumbing to come in the near future…and you thought that wasn’t possible.

Many small jobs have been completed such as handles for the counters. Also the concrete countertops have been sealed and waxed.

A view from the living room.