Loading up Monument Valley modules…


We loaded up both Monument Valley modules with 2 jacks, 2 steel beams, 4 people, 24 FlexCrete-blocks, and a lot of 2×4 cribs.  The actual loading time took about 2 days (sunrise to sunset).  This time-lapse captures the second day on loading.  Enjoy!

Earthen-Plaster-Master, Atsushi, taught us how to make a Japanese sustainable mud wall

Prep work + tools +  materials + tunes =


We mixed local soil, local sand, local straw bale. Ratio is soil (1), sand (2) and straw bale (0.5). No cement! No chemical compounds!


(Above) Our 1st attempt at mixing the materials


(Above)  A succesful attempt at mixing the plaster materials!  (Below)  Its amazing what a little muscle will do.  We learned how to really work this material, to create a smooth, even finish.  For it being the first time to do this, we’d say that the wall turned out pretty good.