The Bluff Campus Wish List:

Need to clear your garage or office of unused items?  We have homes for them.

And..if you happen to be Mr. Bosch, Ms. Skillsaw, Uncle DeWalt or perhaps Joe Carhartt.. we are diligently seeking corporate tool and equipment sponsors for 2011 and beyond. Visit for more information.



The List:

Tool trailer: a large towable organizational trailer.

Medium sized tractor with loader bucket and ability to add PTO attachments


Miller renegade 180 welder generator or similar

Work Gloves

Sawstop 10 inch contractor’s model safety table saws

General Building Supplies

Laptop computer, Mac or PC

Solar photovaltaic augmentation

Refrigerators and deep freezers

16 Rolls Battery 4000 series S-460 deep cycle lead acid batteries (6v) or similar.

Gift cards to Home Depot, Cosco & Staples

Credit Cards for fuel

Gas powered towable concrete mixer, 9 cubic foot capacity or larger

Subscriptions to: Dwell, Chronicle of Philanthropy, Mother Earth News. Homepower magazine, Nuts and Volts, Architectural Digest, Dezeen, Metropolis, Native Peoples, Native Americas.

Pellet stove and installation piping

Large garage door for campus workshop

Copy machine & printer capable of 11 x 17 or larger printing.

A small plane. (It is a wish list after all)

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