Finishes, finishes… if only we were finished with finishes…

…Too bad we’ve only just begun! It’s starting to get exciting as the interiors come together and the berm gets completed.

Rachel rocks!

Since the roof team did such a good job on the roof, we decided to put them to work on the ceiling- which we figured was essentially the roof in reverse :) So far, so good. Guess all that work on the roof paid off!


"So... the instructions say the insulation goes the other way."

Progress on the kitchen continued as the concrete countertop was poured.

Nice and smooth. Good thing we had a whole floor to practice on!

And per Joel’s request…

Joel executing egress option 1


One thought on “Finishes, finishes… if only we were finished with finishes…

  1. Awesome, superb, extra-ordinary, artistic, beautifully designed …. words cannot describe how amazing this home is.

    Congratulations to the hardworking, dedicated and talented team for creating a work of art……..anyone would be proud to live in this home…I know I would.

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