team j.c.

through critical thinking and analysis team j.c. (justin+cindy) has decided to focus our design solely on the needs of suzie and her family. such needs include utilities, the land and suzie. suzie represents three programmatic elements—porch, gathering and sleeping. the structure should facilitate a union of these elements.

post review

several great ideas were presented in our review Tuesday.  every group (there’s about 8 groups) had something to bring to the table – prefab components, indoor/outdoor garden, operable panels doubling as entries and overhangs…

outcome: back to the drawing board

design ideas from Zach Tanner and I

The beginning of our design process (erika, sk & christian)


Upon these blank sheets we strive to understand and interpret the needs of our client, the whitehorse family.  suzie and the lifestyle of her family exudes an authenticity– its as though, in every sense of the word, she embodies this term.  our group (erika, sk, christian), is compelled by the extraordinary need to design a home that appropriately responds and aligns with this spirit we have found in the whitehorse family.  it is our belief that by harnessing this in our design we thereby help to grant them a place by which the whitehorses are freed to come alive.



Our concept and design becomes 3D!


We seek a solution to our design where architecture becomes suzie whitehorse.