Tree Planting and imagine the future

The Bluff elementary afterschool and DBB had worked to plant apricot and peach trees at DBB campus. The kids learned how to plant trees, and thought about what the trees may someday become. For example, in the future, when they come to see the big trees they will know how much they have grown. Or ...


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Career fair for Native American middle and high school students

  DesignBuildBLUFF participated in the annual career fair at Monument Valley high school and White Horse high school. At this fair, the following companies and organizations introduced their work. Police and armies: FBI, county sheriffs, navy, navy, state soldiers, Emergency personnel, etc. State and country organizations: Land trust organization, forest guard (Manti-La Sal National Forest) ...


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Hike to Stand Still Arc

Finally, we could introduce the Stand Still Arc project to the Bluff Elementary kids. With the support of the Bluff Elementary After-School Program, we had an early spring hike to the sky observation art named “Stand Still Arc,” designed and built by the TMU students in fall 2018.  The project is located at the San ...

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Bluff New Year’s Day Gala

Happy new year 2019 We had a great New Year’s Day Gala at Bluff Community Center on the new year’s day. Also, we celebrated the completion of the Fire Mesa project ( community kitchen)! We cooked and grilled in the kitchen! Dear Tina and Liza, thank you so much for organizing such a great party.

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maintenance for the shade structure “light on event”

During Lights On, a nationwide celebration of after school programming, students from Bluff Elementary After School program, staff, and community members had a chance to maintenance the shade structure which is located at the river walk to the San Juan River. The shade structure was built in 2012.       More than 30 kids ...


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