Sketch class 2020 with adobe spark link

Sketch class details here     Angelica Fierro     Alejandra Castillo     Janie Lundgreen     Josh Christensen     Logan Prete     Mykala Rogers     Perry Martin     Sam Lieske     Sharon Rivas     Tyler Kimmel       Venisse Sitjar    


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Fri-YAYs on Site

Volunteers. Material arriving. Making significant progress. Fri-YAY was an absolute celebration filled with excitement to have new faces join that were eager to get down and dirty with us. We had a total of 8 volunteers on site. Significant planning was put in place the night before to make sure there would be enough tasks on ...

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Step by Step by Step

Hi everyone, us again. Today was a mix of many tasks, both on the interior and exterior. On the inside, we were able to begin installing the plastic to hold the spray in insulation, as well as continue to straighten interior walls for drywall installation. On the exterior, the majority of furring strips that go below ...


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October 16, 2020: 2019 Bluffers

We are ending Week 7 strong with the tasks we accomplished today. Despite the problems we’ve had to deal with, like the electrical and plumbing, the management team has /finally managed/ to efficiently delegate tasks on site. Today, we worked on the roof fascia and roof underlayment. We also had two amazing volunteers on site, Taylor and Aimee ...


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A Case of the (Productive) Mondays

The team divided and conquered this Monday. Half the team went to the site to continue working on placing the OSB on the roof. Working at their fastest pace, yet, they believe the roof may be done in 1.5 days! The second team went on a material run, came to site with the lighting and the ...

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