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    Fun Learning

    “ORIGAMI” is a powerful tool for fun learning. The Bluff elementary afterschool and DBB worked together to make “UNIT ORIGAMI”, with the Japanese students who are visiting Bluff for DBB project.

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    “Use fingertips” To make the corners firmly, develop the ability to move your fingertips as you wish. Also, this ability stimulate the brain and support self-reliance,



    “Simple”  The things you need are square paper and fingers, that’s all!  Anyone can enjoy it anytime. A variety of beautiful shapes can be created with a single pattern. Also, this includes mathematical beauty.



    “The power of prospection and imagination”  Fold the paper straight for later work, the work is carried out in anticipation of making the corners firmly. With various trial and error, we can assemble the object from 2D to 3D, like magic.

    IMG_3344 IMG_3337