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    Hike to Stand Still Arc

    Finally, we could introduce the Stand Still Arc project to the Bluff Elementary kids.

    Photo Mar 05, 16 44 52

    With the support of the Bluff Elementary After-School Program, we had an early spring hike to the sky observation art named “Stand Still Arc,” designed and built by the TMU students in fall 2018.  The project is located at the San Juan River Walk of the Recapture Lodge. We could explore the riverside environment with science learning through the sundial that is located on the way of the hike and the Stand Still Arc.

    Photo Mar 05, 16 07 05

    Verl Adams who lead the project of Tokyo Metropolitan University came to join this event and introduced the meanings and process of the project. The project concept came from the ancient Native American astronomy objects and Japanese culture that enjoy the moon view. We can observe the height of the sun at the winter solstice and summer solstice, the North Pole Star, the angles of lunar stand still with this project.

    Photo Mar 05, 16 15 54 Photo Mar 05, 16 39 09 (2)


    Photo Mar 05, 16 40 21

    I was very excited to hear from one of the Navajo ladies who joined the event, that our design and Navajo Peyote symbols have almost the same meaning and design coincidentally.

    Photo Mar 05, 16 44 45

    I’m glad if it became an opportunity to become interested in the astronomy or the environment for the kids.

    Thank you for your support.  Jim, Luanne, Verl, Tina, Kathy, Malyssa and all of the kids.