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    The best of both worlds

    The design of this home was based on the idea of two different worlds, or cultures, merging together: Anglos and Navajos, reflecting this client’s time in the Anglo world as well as her Navajo Roots. The concept is first represented in plan. There are two central walls. One wall is straight and the other is curved. This is where the Modern Anglo rectilinear home breaks off from the Navajo Traditional Hogan. It is in this central space, between the two walls, where these two worlds merge via a central fireplace. Traditional to Navajo culture, the home features a door entrance on the east. The multi-culture idea continues through the use of materials. For example, Hardiboard is a newer product used for siding, in comparison to more traditional earthen plasters used to cover and strengthen walls. To merge the new with the traditional, a major material used throughout the building is a product called Flex-crete, a fly-ash by-product material produced on the Navajo Nation. Providing a unique combination of both mass and insulation within the home that supports the local economy.


    University of Utah Students

    Joel Adams, Carl Cavallaro, Jacob Gines, Matt Hintze, Adam Jensen, Rachel McKenzie, John Oderda, and Tristan Shepherd