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    STUDIO 23

    The art of simplicity

    The home for this client was intended to be formally as simple as possible. It is comprised of two rectangles incorporating an appropriate and proportionate tension. A third quadrant completes the composition as a traditional Navajo "shade structure", a trellised roof. The program allowed for a master bedroom, a secondary bedroom, and bathroom assembled along a south-facing hallway, designed in typical vernacular fashion, roof overhangs calculated to bathe the concrete thermal mass flooring in winter sun while shading the entire south wall in summer. A loft was proposed to accommodate visiting family. When the windows in the loft area were discovered to be too small for the codes concerning life safety egress, a ‘design opportunity‘ was presented to the students in the field. In this case, a door was added for egress, and the barn-wood-siding rain screen exterior was re-contemplated to form a ladder, a beautiful solution to a vexing problem. There is also a ‘great’ room, in the sense that it consists of the kitchen, eating and reading/television spaces. There is what the students deemed a ‘bump-out’, for spatial interest, which resulted in a brilliant solution, complete with horizontally laminated, multicolored, varying thicknesses of a product called 3-Form, which provides mesmerizing translucent light. The main home was built with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). The client is an accomplished artist selling throughout the southwest when not catering to her beloved children. Her pottery studio is a load-bearing straw-bale construction finished inside and out with natural earthen plaster. A drainage sink beside her work table is cleverly made of exhaust pipes harvested from the ubiquitous discarded automobiles nearby and throughout the reservation.


    University of Utah Students

    Jeff Adams, Tami Beck, Nathalia Camacho, Maritas Contreras, Sarah Frassa, Krysta Hanson, Jonathan Hickerson, Bryce Johnson, Judson Kemsley, Hanna Namkoong, Lindsay Neemann, Mallory Platt, Matthew Blake Powers, Erin Schoop, Jessica Seppi, Trent Smith, Bob Sonntag, Melina Soto, Haley Tessier, Adrian Wilson, and Lawrence A. Wright