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    Buckets of dedication

    It was hard work making the structural walls of this home. Concrete, reddened to match the local clay, was poured by hand with buckets. Facing south for solar gain the thermal mass wall ensures a consistent indoor temperature year-round. The long footprint of the house allows the client, a mother of five to enjoy a bit of privacy away from the children. While the living room and kitchen layout leave ample room for hosting or parenting. A nifty wall screen also visually privatizes and functionally protects large floor-to-ceiling glass from outside elements.


    University of Colorado Students

    Jason Astorino, Sarah Boman, Megan Brankamp, Matt Brown, MC Burns, Craig Cherry, Kimberlee Derhammer, Halle Hagenau, Maggie Hattman, Laurie Hollm, Tor Jorfald, Brian Majerus, Elise Mascitelli, Laura Mears, Lindsay Moore, Lauren Peterson, Treonna Villasenor, Lauren Watkins, and Sara Zezulka.

    Southern Utah University Students

    Chris Hoffman and Mark Trevort