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    Career fair for Native American middle and high school students



    DesignBuildBLUFF participated in the annual career fair at Monument Valley high school and White Horse high school.

    At this fair, the following companies and organizations introduced their work.

    • Police and armies: FBI, county sheriffs, navy, navy, state soldiers, Emergency personnel, etc.
    • State and country organizations: Land trust organization, forest guard (Manti-La Sal National Forest)
    • Educational institutions: Utah Valley University, Utah University, Utah State University, groups that provide children with video production classes and VR experience classes
    • Companies: Science companies, railway companies, wind power generation companies, construction companies, welding companies, building materials sales companies, excavation companies, etc.

    The companies explained to the local high school students in the morning for 1 hour 30 minutes, 1 hour 30 minutes in the afternoon to students who have visited by bus from nearby junior high school.

    Students can participate in lotteries by listening to the explanations of at least 20 or more groups from among those participating in the fair and can win $ 25 gift certificates or T-shirts if they are elected. Even the students who are not interested in it are going to ask and talk to various groups for the time being.


    Students who attend booths of participating companies and organizations and listen to announcements as a result of lotteries

    The education environment of Native American Navajo is very bad as followed

    The university graduation rate

    Navajo nation: 7%.
    Japanese : 51%
    United States: 46%
    Information source:

    To be short, easy to understand and interested, these below need to be explained

    • What is an architect
    • What is DesignBuildBLUFF

    When the students arrive at the venue and the briefing session starts, the students will try to hear from more than 20 groups within an hour and a half so that they can draw lots. Considering the time to move around the booths, one group has only about 4 minutes.

    This time, we decided to focus on the following points.

    • The person who wants to design a house becomes an architect
      • At first, people graduate from university
      • After graduation, while working, get an architect qualification
    • What does it mean to design a house
      • Interview people who want to design a house
      • Design by computer modeling
      • Confirm building regulations and design
      • Give a presentation of what you designed
    • At DesignBuildBLUFF we design and build students
      • When the building is complete, you can earn credits for graduating from university
      • Considering environmental issues, we try to plaster the local soil, so we practice to use Japanese trowels
    • At DesignBuild BLUFF, we will provide completed homes to people in need in the area free of charge.

    In the explanation of computer modeling, we demonstrate that we can easily create a house model using software called Sketchup.

    Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 1.28.32 PM

    We demonstrated changing the position of the windows of the house and making walls.

    In the explanation of building code, we showed the book of building codes of IBC and IRC and explained that there are various rules.

    Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 12.20.59 PM

    In the explanation of natural plastering, the students actually had the experience of finishing the soil samples with Japanese chopsticks.

    Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 8.31.55 PM

    In this plaster sample wooden frame, we applied a soft soil like a cake cream and had them practice to make it clean with Japanese trowels.
    Everyone worked intensively.



    For native American junior high and high school students, studying at university or teaching at university is quite difficult. In addition to explaining that they have the option of going to university, I think it makes sense for us to participate in the fair if the explanation allows them to do something fun for others as architects.
    We felt that there weren’t many tricks that could make them think, “We did not know the job like this, but this seems to be fun”

    • It is fun because it is a job that proposes lifestyles through design and makes people happy
    • In a community-based project, it is fun because it is a job that involves many people around you and makes many people happy

    And we will develop our booth better from this experience.

    Description of the interview with clients
    We thought it would be nice if we could make it a pleasure to talk with people and talk about what problems people and societies have and how to solve them. Specifically, prepare two types of architectural photographs, and let them put stickers on your favorite to see the fun of presenting your own opinion and the fun of understanding what other people think.

    Description of the computer 3D model
    We think it is better to focus on one project, the computer model uses data on which shelves and tables were actually built, and after showing the design on the computer screen, also after showing the architectural model, After having you imagine what kind of space it will actually be, we should show the actual completed photos and realize how much difference there is between the computer model or the architectural model and the actual space.

    Explanation of building code
    Not only do you put difficult and bulky books, but also put sticky notes on pages that have contents that relate to the life of middle and high school students to make them easy to refer,

    • Minimum height of the ceiling of the residence
    • The smallest size of the bedroom
    • The first width of the door

    We thought it would be nice if I could prepare a time challenge quiz to find out where is the information in the book.

    Explanation of earth wall plaster sample
    We thought it would be nice if we could prepare a plaster-finished sample used in the completed space and teach the fun of imagining the actual space from the samples.


    Special thanks

    Wasatch Architectural Solutions
    Behr (Masterchem Industries) –
    Kilz (Masterchem Industries) –
    FiberTite (Seaman Corporation) –
    Big-D Construction –
    FFKR Architects –
    SBR Technologies –
    Vision Graphics –