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    Tree Planting and imagine the future

    The Bluff elementary afterschool and DBB had worked to plant apricot and peach trees at DBB campus.


    The kids learned how to plant trees, and thought about what the trees may someday become. For example, in the future, when they come to see the big trees they will know how much they have grown. Or they may see the big trees together with their kids, the next generation of Bluff youth.

    They are small trees now, but when the trees big, they will give us nice shade — and we may eat the fruits. We can imagine so many good scenes in the future.


    The trees were provided by the funding through COPE and sent here from Cliffrose Garden in Cortez, CO. I think it is the best garden center in this area, and they have the most knowledgeable staff.

    The trees we plated
    : Elberta Peach (3years)
    : Elberta Peach (1.5years)
    : Wenatchee Moorpark Apricot (3years)
    : Wenatchee Moorpark Apricot (1.5years)
    : Blackberry and raspberry bushes will be coming for the kids’ families to take and plant in the future.


    As Japanese, we have many stories about peach as Momotaro or trough many Haiku. Also for Navajo, they have stories about a peach. However, the story is not the happy one the story came from the against Navajo campaign in 19c. The American government had destroyed their homes with their food. The peach trees were cut down.

    However, as the predecessors did, the kids could receive the message that they can make an effort to improve their lives and replant trees for generations to come.

    IMG_8213 IMG_8221 56








    Atsushi made the memorial marker with our leftover lumbers. Each student signed their names with the date.

    Many people say the tree grows well if the people talk to the tree. I wish that many students will stop by to talk to the trees and water the trees in the future. It will be a great memory for all.