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    Back to Bluff

    Today is the start of our fourth session in Bluff this semester, we have one more session scheduled after this one. It is quiet here today; some folks are traveling, a small group is at site, a few are working in the shop here on campus. Registration for spring semester classes opened up for some of us today — a task that seems a little distant being here in Bluff and not in Denver.

    Because it is quiet, we thought we’d give you a tour of the property we stay at, so that you can see what our campus looks like.scorup house The Scorup House. Bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen, food storage, laundry room, guest room, living room, dinner and night meetings are housed here. The front porch is a great place to hang out, eat breakfast and watch people play games.material shedsMaterial sheds. Plumbing and Electrical supplies, hardware and other materials are kept here.bone yardMaterial Bone Yard. Larger building materials, doors, windows, steel, aluminum, etc. are in this area. mantainerThe Mantainer. Two shipping containers converted into a bunk house with a bathroom and wood stove. shopThe Shop. Erica, Seth, and Amy run cedar through the planer.clay shed Plaster Shed. Tools, materials and plaster samples are housed here.bath houseBath House. Open April through November, the Bath House provides additional showers and bathrooms.  found airstreamThe FOUNDhouse and Airstream. Patrick and Lacy brought the FOUNDhouse to Bluff this year; and, the Airstream has been here for a while, now.foster's placeFormerly “The Jack Shack.” picnic tables Outdoor Dining and Grill.

    fireFire Pit. Shop Made Jenga Tower (thanks, Amy and Shawn). Corn Hole Box.

    That’s it for now. Welcome back to Bluff! And, Hiroko, we’re thinking of you!