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    feels like a home.

    well, maybe not our own home, but our “modules” as we’ve been calling them, are certainly feeling like an actual home at this point.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the drywall is finally in place, separating the rooms so that we can no longer see through the 48 feet of insulated dead space.  Or possibly the trim, paint, plaster, cabinetry, and flooring being put in its proper place.  Its exciting to see everyones ideas fall into place.  It suddenly makes the petty arguments over silly details seem insignificant to the bigger picture of what we’ve been able to achieve in 4 months.


    Something that hasn’t been blogged about in awhile is the Westwater site changes.  You will be blown away at the pictures of the structure of our home!  Jen is in the picture for scale.  Note, she is almost 5 ft. tall.  Also, the hightest LSB (Lightweight Steel Beam) is where our largest module is going to sit ON TOP of.  ON TOP!!!  It is something like 16 ft. above ground.  Our client can potentially have 2 parking spots, 1 underneath each module.  Maybe an addition later on.  Or it leaves room for, say, a small petting zoo….I don’t know. The possibilities are beyond this blog!  Geoff, Brad, Jeff, and Craig have been working on site for the last 2 weeks, and we wait back in Bluff to see the changes from day to day.  It is amazing what they have been able to do.


    Back on the property, the Jen’s and Katianne, have plastered the girls and parents room, and the bathrooms, as well as worked on custom closets.  Tonya has trimmed out the ceiling in the kitchen/living room module, as well as trimmed the shelving along the main wall.  Totes is working on a bathroom piece for the countertop to rest on.  It looks like it will be something cool, and is currently laminated layers and layers of plywood.  Ashley and I have worked for days on end on the cladding.  Hank has been helping, pretty much ruining his shoulder, leg, and hands hammering the dents out of the wire mesh and installing the first few pieces.  It is worth the effort though once it is up, and we have appreciated his help greatly.


    This next few days we will be short a few people, as some of us have to return to SLC to walk for graduation on Friday.  This has added some stress to the week, trying to make up for 2 precious work days in the final countdown days.  Moving the modules is going to be an exciting day that we are all looking forward to!


    Apologies for not having photos or status updates of Monument Valley.  But I can say that their exteriors are looking mighty fine in the courtyard area, and Jesse’s fireplace that he’s broken something like 5 blades fabricating, in my presence alone, is bomb.