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    This week the kitchen team is busy installing the plumbing wall and shelves so that we can get our plumbing in! Because of the SIP construction we chose to build a secondary plumbing wall directly next to the West wall in the kitchen. The shelves in the kitchen are built in to the plumbing wall for extra support and for a clean connection.

    10//10Meg G//kitchen womanmake it snow [[treated lumber]] interior//wall//status

    Over the summer a few students in the Bluff crew took part in the Aspen studio. During the studio the students have the chance to visit several local firms and tour some of their highlighted projects. One project in particular from A4 out of Carbondale inspired some material experimentation. The firm chose to utilize the OSB as a cladding material for the interior of the residence. OSB, a low cost particle board material typically used on walls prior to drywall. From a distance the walls seemed to glisten with an uncanny resemblance to white marble.


    We are planning on using a similar material tactic in the kitchen. We [meaning mostly the amazing Meg G] have been concocting varying mixtures and procedures in which to alter the OSB to our liking. To complement the natural wood grain and warmth in the cedar of the wood boxes [bed + bath] a pickling finish [whitish] will be applied to the kitchen shelves and possibly the cabinet faces. Before the pickling, the shelves were thoroughly sanded and treated with a wood pre-stain. After a thin coat of watered-down pickling product, the OSB received 4 thick coats of polyurethane. Because OSB is not made to be a finish material there is some concern regarding the waterproofing and structural stability of the material for the cabinet faces. However, with the full polyurethane treatment the mock up of the shelf seems to be withstanding standing water without a problem. We have also been researching other methods, so keep tuned in for updates.


    For dinner tonight Amy + I (A Huey) made an egg ensemble if you will. There was a vast assortment of quiches, peak to peak pancake (a baked egg pancake), jam//creamcheese muffins, and the complimentary potatoes to pull the whole br[egg]fast together. And then we all washed it down with premium western family juice blends. Quite a scrumptious meal if I might say myself.

    //step one// spinach cheddar quiche //step two// spinach cheddar quiche//peak to peak//


    Also—this Saturday night’s themed party has been declared [[BAD A**]] by the one and only Hot  Pink Shawnie, so hopefully some photos will leak onto the world wide web for your viewing pleasure.


    Lessons Learned:


    Cutting onions is much more pain free when one uses goggles


    Well off to put another coat of polyurethane on the kitchen cabinets! Another week down.  Another week closer to the Billjohn’s complete home. Essentially, we have built  [[.42]] of a house. Go us