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    [day] forty three

    Day 43 of 71

    61% Completion

    Amy//Shawn//Roof Work

    Happy Thursday from Bluff!

    I am very pleased to announce that we received several wonderful donations from Danze! The sleek profile and simple design of the Como Single Handle Kitchen Faucet will surely compliment the simplicity within the existing kitchen design. Also, the bathroom will be featuring the ever-so-sleek Parma Single Handle Lavatory Faucet and the corresponding Parma Single Handle Pressure Balance Shower Faucet. We are so very thankful and thrilled to feature Danze’s exceptional products in our house!

    Como Kitchen faucet // DANZE

    Parma Single Handle Lavatory Faucet // DANZE Parma Single Handle Pressure Balance Shower Faucet// DANZE

    This week the kitchen team has been extremely busy preparing formwork and variations of concrete for samples of the kitchen counter top! So far we have experimented with adding white paint to the concrete mix as well as one mix with broken glass pieces. Tomorrow we plan to take the grinder to the samples and see what we uncover!


    We spent the majority of last week constructing various models for the kitchen cabinet faces. Our material options consisted of pickled OSB, cedar, and plywood.

    After researching each material, precedent projects, and its opportunities we have come to the conclusion of using 13-ply Baltic Birch Plywood.

    three two

    Baltic Birch Plywood is beautifully finished, furniture grade veneer plywood that also happens to fit within our creatively tight budget. These striking images along with all the work presented on have helped to inspire the plywood kitchen. The handles will be fabricated from an aluminum angle, and fasten upon the top lip of each drawer.


    Henry Built Cabinets

    Also at site, the patio beam has been installed and the plasterwork on the North wall begins today! Atsushi has encouraged us to leave our mark on the house. Here are a few that will remain with the house for its lifetime.

    chicken wire//plaster prep

    Natural Plaster // Samplepatio//beam
    IMG_3283 Concrete Counter // Mock upAmy's Mark

    At day 43, we are all anxiously awaiting our next break, which begins on Saturday! A few of us are taking a road trip to Laguna Beach. On the way back we are stopping in Las Vegas to take part in the Halloween festivities!

    beautiful evening run

    We are expecting Harvey and Hilda for tonight, so Meg G and I have prepared a feast of Tamale Pie, Black Bean Salad, and mini Peach Cobbler.