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    A Friday of Festivities!

    Last Friday was a day of help, celebration, and holidays. To start, it was St. Patrick’s Day, signaling a rather interactive morning. Everyone was asking me if I was wearing green, and every time I responded with “no”, I was pinched. It was irritating, but also rather funny. I’ll take note from Atsushi and his family next time, as they know how to dress properly on St. Patty’s.


    Atsushi, Suki, Hiroko, and Konny showing off their green garments

    Additionally, volunteers from Brigham Young University dropped by the site to give us a hand. We greatly appreciate their assistance, as they were working hard throughout the whole day. They, as well as Caroline and Joely, mostly helped out with mixing the clay for next layer of the Adobe floor, placing it in the house, and pressing it down. All the volunteers were very nice people, and it was great to get to know them while working with them. Many thanks to you guys for assisting Design Build Bluff 2017!


    BYU volunteers mixing the clay for the Adobe floor; many thanks to all of you!



    Volunteer and Joely pressing down the earthen floor


    Drew and Volunteer leveling the floor

    Two other volunteers also assisted us in our efforts. Matthew and Ashley, two alumni of the University of Utah, helped us out with continuing the cedar cladding on the south volume of the house. We also appreciate their assistance to Design Build Bluff, and it was great to get to know them as well.


    Matthew and Ashley relaxing in the shade; many thanks to the both of you!


    Matthew, Ashley, Shane, Joely, and Christie placing cedar cladding (thank you Capital Lumber for the donation!) on the south facade

    Furthermore, it was Fausto’s birthday today, and Caroline was kind enough to give us delicious treats! Thanks once again, Caroline!


    Happy Birthday, Fausto!

    Additionally, Scott and his posse began work on installing metal cladding for the roof. Their efforts proved worthwhile, as the roof is starting to look fresh and clean. It is very exciting to see the house beginning to show signs of aesthetic value, distinction, and finality.


    Matt enjoying the view of the site and its progress


    Matt, Jason, Scott, and Diego placing metal cladding (thank you Four Corners Pro Steel for the donation!) on the roof

    That night, after the night meeting, it was Mojdeh’s turn to introduce us to a new topic during night school. She taught us about the Iranian New Year, Nowruz, which occurs every year in March. The stand-out moment of the presentation was her demonstration of a unique tradition held each year. Participants would dance to traditional Iranian music and then chant wishes while leaping over five pits of fire in order to cleanse ourselves. We clapped, laughed, and enjoyed ourselves under the stars as we danced the night away!


    DBB students celebrating the Iranian New Year

    Such moments as these demonstrate why Design Build Bluff can be so memorable for its students. Not only does it allow for joyous and fun moments, but also for bonding time and chances to learn new things about fellow students, both culturally and personally. Whether it be dancing and jumping through fire, or simply sitting around the fire and having calm chats, bonding time is always an essential part of an experience like this.


    -Drew Emeney & Scott Thorne