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    A Home to Hug

    Wednesday. Hump Day. This could be considered the best day of the week, the day that brings with it so much hope that, maybe, you will make it out of the office alive. This is the feeling we would have were we in a different setting, but here in Bluff we are GO, GO, GO and spirits are still high! Much of the focus was on getting the gyp. board up on the south volume so that the interior would be ready for Thursday’s earthen floor workshop. With two teams of three working on cutting and placing the puzzle pieces on the walls and roof, it was finished handily.

    Julia, Drew and Mojdeh cutting the gyp board to the right measurment

    Julia, Drew and Mojdeh cutting the gyp board to the right measurment

    The puzzle wall made of gypsum

    The puzzle wall made of gypsum

    The earthen floor team spent the day perfecting their clay concoction by sifting sand and shredding hay.

    Atsushi making sure Jason shreds the hay correctly

    Atsushi making sure Jason shreds the hay correctly

    Adam has not been on site for about two weeks, as he has been working on built-ins for the living room shelves. With all the sawdust in his lungs he had to move his work space from inside the shop to just outside it. His health is improving and should be back on site soon! For now, however, the best we can provide as evidence of his presence on site is the bigfoot-esque photo below.

    Last known sighting of Adam on site 03/06/2017 (Matt in the foreground and Adam in the background).

    Last known sighting of Adam on site 03/06/2017 (Matt showing off his insulation and Adam in the background).

    In a recent conversation with Caroline about whether or not she liked the way the house is turning out, she said, “I wish I had rubber arms so I could stretch them around this home and give it a big hug.” Who could stop at anything short of the very best with clients like these? This home is so much more than a portfolio-filler for a group of inexperienced architecture students – it’s a new beginning for a wonderful couple. It may not be the biggest or grandest, but hopefully the comfort it will provide will be enough and more. A home is something that provides security, shelter, and peace. As aspiring architects we are all very grateful for the positive impact we are already witnessing on both sides of the metaphorical fence. We do want this home to help Caroline and Joely live comfortably for many years to come, and we hope that our work will provide that, but they are giving so much to us in the form of opportunity, experience, food, conversation, perspective, and friendship. This being one of our first major projects, the lessons learned on this site are invaluable in the extreme. If we can remember this project as we start our careers in architecture, we might even be able to make something else with as much positive impact for all parties involved someday.


    Diego and Scott