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    Day 5 & 6


    Here is a picture of the team on site. The 14 sonotubes are marking the placement of the house’s pier foundations.

    Yesterday we finished pouring the foundations, yay! Then, we were so tired we forgot to post on the blog. So I am posting 2 days worth of updates today! So far, we are making great progress and sticking to the schedule. It’s been really hot in Bluff for the past couple of weeks, and we have a greater appreciation for our airconditioned homes back in Salt Lake City. Now that the foundation is complete, we are waiting for some material deliveries. We spent today painting a sticky, waterproof paint on the OSB that will cover the underside of the subfloor. It was a nice opportunity for a little break from working in the hot sun to paint under the cover of the workshop. We also played some music and there may have been some subtle singing and dancing (mostly me). Signing off from Bluff!




    Atsushi mixing concrete


    The team filled the sonotubes one shovel scoop at a time


    The sticky paint we coated the OSB with, Taylor said it looks like venom!


    Rachel, Diane, Sierra, and Taylor painting with the sticky, black goo


    When the last of the sheets were finished, everyone posed for a fun picture!