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    DBB Exposed

    Sometimes, living with fellow students and working on DesignBuildBluff projects can be a little revealing. You are no longer guarded by the shelter of the classroom that hides the intricacies of everyone’s personalities, especially in the presence of food, which has the power to bring out the quirkiness in all of us.


    London licking batter off the mixing blade.

    What is even more exciting however, is when the project itself pulls open the curtain and reveals her beauty to the Bluff community. Earlier this morning, Fire Mesa dropped her proverbial robe to the sound of ewwws and ahhhs, as the first completed section of rammed earth wall was stripped of its forms.


    The crew enjoying a product of A LOT of hard work.

    Unveiling the work we had put in, provided everyone with a much needed moral boost. We thought concrete work was hard, but it is nothing compared to rammed earth. So much work is required, from mixing, to carrying buckets, to filling up forms, to ramming and tamping, that it is good to know that our hard work is paying off.

    The elementary students participating in the DesignBuildBluff afterschool program were able to get a glimpse into building with rammed earth too. Lead by Hiroko, a member of the DBB staff, and assisted by Atsushi, Wanwei and McKay, 16 young students went through the steps of soil testing, mixing, and ramming dirt to build one of these gorgeous walls.

    DBB After School learning about soil testing

    DBB After School learning about soil testing

    DBB After School making their own rammed earth samples

    DBB After School making their own rammed earth samples

    Josh and Wanwei