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    Euphoria Is Upon Us

    With this project and semester coming to an end very quickly we are all working very diligently to ensure this project is completed by the end date. Since there are many things that are happening, we, the group are all split up coordinating many different tasks. We have the interiors team working both on site and at the shop, the canopy team is working on getting the soffit up above the fire trough, the cladding team getting the last bit of cladding up, mechanical getting the mini split heating and air conditioning unit ready, electrical team getting the lighting ready to go, rammed earth and stud wall team have paired up to create the steel box and mini stud wall that will be inserted into the rammed earth wall looking at the grill, and plumbing is on standby until further installation of the cabinets.

    Now that the cabinets are done with the exception of the last few pieces that need to be stained and clear coated, they are ready to be installed early next week and finally start to make the project look like a kitchen.

    Plumbing Wall Cabinets Are Looking Great

    Plumbing Wall Cabinets Are Looking Great

    The interior team onsite got the all the of the mudding on the dry wall, primer for the paint done, and the first coat of paint. That leaving the onsite site work for interiors to be done by the end of the week and ready for cabinet install on Monday 4/16/18.

    Jared and Atsushi sanding the ceiling, prepping for primer.

    Jared and Atsushi sanding the ceiling, prepping for primer.

    James and Shay have started welding the steel box together that will hold the window looking out at the grill that lives between the rammed earth walls, along with completing the mini stud wall that will hold the window.

    James working on steel frame for rammed earth window.

    James working on steel frame for rammed earth window.

    Cori hosted our night class and she told us all about her and Josh’s trip to Canada and the obstacles they had to overcome due to the ridiculous amount of snow that was happening in Idaho, Montana, and Canada.

    With everyone still in high spirits about this project coming to and end we are very excited to see it complete and be able to share it with the current community and for many generations to come.

    By Jordan & Zhixiang