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    Having Fun Before We Finish

    Yesterday we spent some time on site putting an epoxy finish on the floor. While it cured we worked on our building journal and building manual. Some of the guys finished their documentation early and went to have some fun fishing to enjoy the nice weather we’ve been having down here.

    Some of my favorite parts of Design Build Bluff have been what we’ve learned outside of the classroom, teaching each other in night meeting or learning about each others hobbies over the dinner table. This was just such an evening. When the guys returned from their fishing expedition they taught us how to clean and gut the fish. (Warning for the squeamish, pictures of fish being skinned to follow)

    After the fish are cleaned, the barbs in the fins are cut off so you don’t accidentally get one stuck in your skin while skinning and cutting the catfish.

    Josh demonstrating how to cut off the fins to Wanwei

    Josh demonstrating how to cut off the fins and pull the skin away from the meat to Wanwei

    Catfish don’t have scales, they have skin. Because of this the skin can be ripped away from the meat. To get a starting point cut at a 30 degree angle below a small bone you can see under the skin near the gills. Peel the skin away from the meat, we used pliers to get a good grip on the skin to rip it off.


    Once the skin has been removed you can take your knife and run it close to the spine to remove the meat from the fish. The meat is then placed in a bowl of cold water until ready to be cooked. We look forward to having more fun learning together in and out of the classroom before the semester ends.

    Removing the meat from London's fish

    Removing the meat from London’s fish


    Natalie & London