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    Just Your Average Valentine’s Day

    Today we weren’t able to spend Valentine’s Day with our significant others, but we were able to spend the day with our family away from home and that is a close second! It is amazing how quickly we have meshed into a family and have learned so much about each other in such a short period of time. Perhaps that’s just what happens when you throw 17 graduate students from all walks of life onto one property and tell them to design and build a house. After doing all of the usual Valentine’s Day activities such as hanging OSB Sheathing, installing TJIs, and adding blocking between the studs we were all presented with valentines from Zukki after our night meeting. She wasn’t feeling well, but still wanted to do something for us and baked us cookies and cut out heart-shaped valentines for everyone. I always think it’s funny that even though Zukki and I are almost 20 years apart in age we take turns making sure the other behaves during night meetings; sometimes I am too rambunctious and she shushes me and vice versa, it’s a good balance.

    Zukki presenting everyone with cookies and heart-shaped valentines.

    Zukki presenting everyone with cookies and heart-shaped valentines.

    Our first step in celebrating Valentine’s Day was to hang more OSB Sheathing to the exterior walls and add blocking between the studs where the OSB panels align. Shane always seemed to be working on this job, but I think his main motivation is to get the walls done as soon as possible so he can start his Project Manager role of installing windows and doors! Looking ahead though, we will also have more blocking to add to the interior partition walls for cabinets, etc. so this job will linger on a while longer.

    _MG_0189 (1)

    Shane and Mojdeh adding blocking in the AmeriCorps shirts.

    As a Valentine’s Day present Scott, PM for Roofing, gave the houseĀ TJIs. It was a great present, but we soon realized we had to lift and place them atop the top-plates in their final resting place. Scaffolding was set up near the ridge beam and ladders placed to the North wall to allow for the roof team to hoist them into place. Once the TJIs above the exterior East and West walls were placed OSB was able to match the profile and be finished on those walls. Soon we are hoping all TJIs will be placed and all of the OSB Sheathing will be able to be completed.

    Scott hugging the TJIs goodbye after gifting them to the house for Valentine's Day.

    Scott hugging the TJIs goodbye after gifting them to the house for Valentine’s Day.

    A lot of us are beginning to get really excited about how much vertical space the stud heights and TJIs are creating; as well as how beautiful the ridge beam will look at the threshold of the North and South masses.


    Busy students installing TJIs.

    View of completed TJIs atop the top-plates.

    View of completed TJIs atop the top-plates and Matt.


    Adam DeChant and Jaebeom Hyun