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    Layers. Onions Have Layers, and Also Our Walls.



    The week goes on and we are still continuing to build our rammed earth walls. It is quite the tedious process. After hours of mixing dirt and building formwork we have revealed the second part of the wall on the south side of the building. Wow, what a site! The unique patterns that occur with each part of the wall we create, makes for a very interesting and beautiful finished wall. I would say we are very pleased with the outcome.


    20180214_090734 (1)


    Our rammed earth wall gets its beautiful color and variations by adding an orange pigment to the mix in varying proportions.  The more pigment we add to the layer, the more orangey-brown it will be.  The less pigment we add, the lighter and more gray-brown the layer will be.  Our pigment specialist, Wanwei, has been keeping track of our color proportions and making sure our layers look great.  We hope to reveal the final section of this wall by the end of the week.  Pulling off the formwork to reveal this wall has justified all of our hard work hand mixing, and it is good motivation for our largest wall section we will start next week.




    Carly & Heather