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    Lookin’ Flashy!

    Wednesday was a productive day as the various teams began working in concert to get their specific tasks accomplished – it was like a choreographed performance as we worked around each other on the site.  The wall team continued pushing forward to get the exterior OSB completed, as well as ground down the last of the unevenness of the concrete slab.  The roof team finished cutting and installing the last of their 28 TJI’s.  Additionally, they began cutting and putting in the blocking between these in preparation for installing roof sheathing.  The limited scaffolding available on site slowed down progress slightly as people were pulled from their tasks at hand to help move the massive pieces – the scaffolding had to be built, disassembled, and rebuilt multiple times as we moved from one area of the house to another.


    All the TJI’s are up – look at that nice tall ceiling!

    Katja and Mojdeh, leading the exterior material team, installed the flashing they had previously cut and bent on campus.  They ran into a hiccup as field verification revealed the insulation foam was in the way of their originally planned height of 10″.  Hand cutting ensued – the shiny aluminum giving them a nice golden glow by the end of the day as the sun reflected up on their faces.  Once all of the pieces were finally the proper height, it was time to start putting up the flashing.  The clients helped as we started to level the perimeter of the house footprint, filling the trenches (hopefully for the last time!).


    Katja and Mojdeh – the gluing experts. Installing flashing is just TOO fun!


    When Fausto and Lauren retrieved the 2×4 lumber for interior framing from the church, Elder Barrett (who lives locally) surprised us with the news that they would be providing dinner for us this coming Monday.  Not much excites the entire crew more than a hearty meal!  Interactions with the surrounding community make us realize how much of an impact this project has already made in our lives and theirs.


    Our clients enjoying the early evening view of their new home

    “Back at the ranch,” it was risky business making homemade pretzels – Adam and Jaebom were sure to wear their PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for the arduous task of preparing dinner.  Upon returning to campus, the crew was silent for the first time all day as we scarfed down their delicious meal (the main course being chicken paprikash – we’re eating like kings and queens down here!).


    Adam made sure to wear his hard hat to pour the flour – those bags can be unpredictable sometimes

    After dinner, our usual nightly meeting in Cedar Hall was moved to the Scorup house.  We were all nice and cozy circled up in the living room gazing into each other’s eyes (how did past crews always meet like this??) – as we went over the day’s activities, tomorrow’s layout, and a productive discussion led by Drew about the patio design.  Lauren and Christie snuck out to whip up the fastest birthday cake they’ve ever made as a surprise for Matt’s birthday.  As we all gathered around the dining room table, singing Happy Birthday and celebrating as a group, we couldn’t help but feel incredibly grateful for the great group we get to experience this with.  It can be stressful, exhausting, and trying at times, but the good times we have with the DBB 2017 class make the challenges worth it!


    Matt tried so hard to get all the candles out in one breath . . . better luck next year, Matt.


    Lauren and Katja