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    My Heart Will Go On


    Commence ♪ My Heart Will Go On ♪

    Alarm clocks sounds, BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!

    DBB students, awake from slumbers deep


    Every day it gets harder, to get out of bed

    As a strenuous day’s work, looms over our head.


    We start our stretches, with rythmic bounces

    Then chug our coffee, down by the ounces


    We hop in the car, to drive to the site

    To mix rammed earth, with all our might


    As the day goes on, our bodies tire

    And likewise morale, is set afire


    Here comes Jose, to help talk through it all

    Morale is rekindled, to finish our wall


    The light begins to fade, the day comes to a close

    We put our tools away, and drain our hose


    Back to the house, for some time to chill

    Until we’re off to dinner, to eat our fill



    Josh and Jared