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    No Rest for the Easter Bunny

         Times are tight, as I’m sure anyone reading along the past couple weeks can tell. We are officially into our last week of the build, and there is a lot to talk about! Work days are getting longer and longer – much to Atsushi’s dismay – and more work is spilling out into the nights and weekends. This weekend was a particularly busy one, despite it hosting a holiday.

         We were graced with the presence of a trio of volunteers on Friday. Jack Forinash from Epicenter up in Green River came down to give us a hand plastering the bedrooms. Benj and Danielle from Blackbox Studios (Jason and Fausto’s coworkers) came down as well to help out with a slew of tasks, including some plaster work and some huge work grading the West side of the property.

         Jason met with the electrician in the morning and was prompted to rip a drywall around the electrical panel out just one more time – thankfully the earthen plaster is forgiving. Sounds like now that that’s all taken care of, electrical is moving along with the final installs this week!

         Jack hung around on Saturday, but in a flurry of material runs, built-in-building, and a trip to site, he decided to take off a little early. On site, built-ins were being secured in preparation for the concrete countertop pours happening today and tomorrow, as well as some upper cabinetry work in the kitchen. A crew stayed back in Bluff as well to work on the forms for the countertops.


    Pre-Install meeting for the steel with Adam Kilmer of KILFAB

         Adam Kilmer of KilFab dropped in late Saturday night to install our steel posts and beams on the exterior. Even after putting in some late hours at his shop up in Salt Lake, he was still down to come spend his Easter weekend with us. A valiant crew of Atsushi, Jae, Kohei, Shane, and Drew joined Adam to the site on Sunday for the install, and from the sound of it everything went smoothly! I think everyone is excited to get this rafters up over the shade structure now and really see the house in full swing. Endless thanks to Adam for all his time and his beautiful work!

    Full service delivery from shop to site!

    Full service delivery from shop to site!

    Install in progress

    Install in progress

    Install complete! Atsushi praises the heavens.

    Install complete! Atsushi praises the heavens.

    She's lookin' slick these days.

    She’s lookin’ slick these days.

         As for me, I have been lucky enough to be consistently engaged in the plaster and adobe work as of late, spending days on campus working through finish adobe samples and helping Julia with the plaster work while on site. It has been inspiring to work alongside Hiroko and be able to pick her brain – her passion for plaster work is definitely contagious.

         Tangentially related, we are excited to announce the installation of solar panels on Cedar Hall in the coming weeks! GRID Alternatives will be helping us host a workshop here on campus during the install to educate and recruit folks interested in working in green energy. The workshop has been rescheduled for the week of May 1, so drop us a line if you are in the area and are interested in taking part. (You can contact me at

         In general, this time of the semester is always mayhem, but this time is different. Yes, mayhem may still be the word to describe it, but all the stress and long hours are simply more justified. We’ve traded late nights in front of a computer screen for long days building experience we will take with us far after our final review. I’ll take this option any day of the week.

    Eric Blyth