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    Nothing Can Stop Us Now

    With the third week starting of our final session the group is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The canopy team is installing the soffit material above the grill, the rammed earth team is sealing the walls, cladding is wrapping the siding of the stud walls, the window in the rammed earth wall is almost ready for install, the grill surfaces are coming to an end, and the cabinet team is doing the final touches before final installation. Friday afternoon we had a bit of a scare when our welder stopped working, however London and Atsushi spent some time and got it back up and running, allowing us to work in full swing again. Saturday the foundation team along with the rest of the crew were able to finish the concrete slab that is outside our front door that will now allow us to enter our building with ease. With the obstacles we’ve had to over come with this project we confident that nothing can stop us now in the home stretch.


    Final touches being done on the cabinets

    Josh finishing the concrete slab out front of the kitchen entrance.

    Josh finishing the concrete slab out front of the kitchen entrance.

    By Jordan & London