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    October 01, 2020: Roof Truss

    oct 1 end of day

    Today we spent the first half of the day leveling and plumbing the remaining framed walls, and securing OSB on the exterior of those walls. We cut the holes for the windows and ensured that everything fits together as it should. After lunch, we began to install our trusses! After discussing and brainstorming how to most effectively install them, we decided to adjust our original plan for how the roof structure would fit together. It involves adding 2 layers of OSB between some trusses to make future installations run more smoothly.

    Carmen and her daughters also came to the site this afternoon. They helped a few of us begin installation on the exterior house wrap. We love having her and her family with us as we build her home. She always has valuable input and helps us understand how we can make the best home for them.

    angelica top plate

    Angelica sanding off the top plate to match the height of the LVL.


    The group thinking of a plan on how to put the next truss.

    logan truss

    Logan supporting the other end of the truss.

    mykala truss

    Mykala supporting the other end of the truss.

    group truss