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    Ramming, Ramming, Ramming










    As the build continues, the ramming continues.  We now realize just how much work goes into constructing a rammed earth wall, and that none of it is easy.  Mixing tons of Earth by hand with shovels is almost as easy as it sounds.  The pneumatic rammers are a godsend and are saving our time and backs.  However, they come with their own set of challenges.  Regardless of whether the day passed with a shovel or a rammer in hand; we are all sore and tired at the end of the day. It is well worth the effort as we finished our second section of wall today.  We have all earned our dinners.  After dinner, we head to our daily meeting which typically covers what happened on site that day, and what to expect tomorrow.  Today, however, we worked overtime fine-tuning our design to play nicely with our budget.  It’s exhausting.  Redesigning, and eliminating the details we dream of weighs heavy on group morale, but finishing the day frosting homemade, heart-shaped cookies for valentines day is just what is needed to raise our spirits.  Tomorrow we strip the formwork off of our second completed wall, and if it looks as good as the last one we will all be elated, but it will be better.  Stay tuned for pictures.


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