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    Roof Beam Going Up – On A Monday

    The excitement continues to build around the campus as we are making tangible progress each and everyday. The workday on Monday began like every other day. Japanese Radio Exercise, chores and preparation for the days work. Once arriving at the site we did as we always do. Set up tools and organize into teams for the day. A morning rain demanded some extra precautions during the tool layout as scaffolding and OSB sheets were erected to protect our power tools. Soon the tedious tasks began and were soon accomplished. After some preparation and planning the excitement began. We were ready to raise the roof beam! With an excellent and organized plan lead by the roof team leader, Scotty, we organized into a team of lifters on the ground with another group pulling on strapping while standing on scaffolding and a final team ready to hoist the beam into place. A tremendous feat. What a day.

    The team gathering themselves to lift the ridge beam.

    The team gathering themselves to lift the ridge beam.

    Scotty placing the ridge beam.

    Scotty placing the ridge beam.

    As lunchtime neared we had another fit of excitement as Atsushi had attempted to herd a lamb back to the rest of the sheep, angering the sheep. All at once the gang of hungry sheep feverishly gathered to protect their youngest member. The sheep then began charging towards our site stopping short to stand demonstratively.

    Dennehotso Sheep Gang (DSG)

    Dennehotso Sheep Gang (DSG)

    At the end of the day we had the ridge beam in position, all of the walls squared and planed and most of the wall sheathing and wall blocking in place. We returned home for another full night of design meetings and discussion. The work down here in Bluff is unrelenting and intense. We wouldn’t want it any other way. The experience thus far has been incredibly educational and rewarding. We have learned how to translate our computer language into something that is actually being built. We have also learned how to accept and then fix our many mistakes. Perhaps most importantly we have learned that we do not need to reinvent the wheel with everything we do, if something has been done one way for hundreds of years…its probably for a reason. It is awesome to see the excitement of our clients as we make more and more visible progress everyday. Additionally, we grow closer as a group the more time we get to spend with one another. Personally, I can’t imagine a better way to spend the semester.

    Diego - Stealing the show.

    Diego – Stealing the show.

    By Jason Robb and Julia Warner