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    Today Was A Good Day!

    Today was a thin crew on site, but it was one of the most memorable days of the project so far. We just arrived back on site from our week off, that was much needed. When some of us got back to town on Sunday, 3/4/18, we had the great pleasure of meeting Hallie, who is an architect from the bay area of California who came to lend her gracious helping hand and expertise in building and the profession of architecture for the WHOLE NEXT MONTH!! We are so thankful to have her here and excited to see what she has to offer. Once we all got on site we started to place the re-bar on top of the rammed earth so we can prepare to pour the concrete bond beam across the top to ensure its structure and stability. After lunch we then started to take apart all the form work for the final rammed earth wall. We were all a bit scared and excited to see this wall as this was the largest section of rammed earth wall we had done yet. Once we were able to get out the ridiculous amount of screws from the form work we were slowly able to start reveling the wall. One 4′ x 8′ sheet of plywood at a time we all were stunned at how well this wall had turned out. Since this wall was poured in three separate section, we were worries how well all the colors were going to blend together. Once we go all the form work off and were able to see both rammed earth walls complete and standing we all were and a sense of ease knowing one of the hardest parts of the project was over and that it turned out looking amazing. Now that the hard part of the day was over we then finished putting in the insulation around the stem walls for the interior slab and decided the call it a day and head home for a great hot meal waiting for us upon our arrival back at the Scorup House.


    Shay cutting the all thread flush with the wall

    Shay cutting the all thread flush with the wall

    The final rammed earth wall at its finest.

    The final rammed earth wall at its finest.

    By Jordan DeJarnett