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    Up, Up, and Away!

    This past weekend our class had a chance to volunteer at the Bluff Annual Balloon Festival.  We met at 7 in the morning Friday and were quickly selected by different balloon pilots to join their crews.  This kicked off our weekend of ballooning and balloon wrangling.  Friday night we had Navajo tacos at the community center to help fund raise for Bluff Elementary.  Some of the students had also practiced hard for a dance performance and it was great to see them and cheer them on.


    Balloon wranglers at Valley of the Gods.

    Balloon wranglers at Valley of the Gods.

    Though we had fun helping, we all wanted to stay on track with the build and voted to work a half day on Saturday.   We have been making progress on our foundations and buff arms.  Digging and carving out the dirt has been tough, rewarding to finally finish a hole and at the correct depth.  Sunday the Balloon Fest traveled to Valley of the Gods to lift off.  Some of the balloon got stuck in the canyons because they couldn’t catch a good wind, and we had to lead them out.  We were back by 1pm for our first sketch class.

    Sketch class, measuring a building with our body.

    Sketch class, measuring a building with our body.

    This class was about learning our body scale by measuring parts of  our body and then testing it for accuracy. We went around campus and each measured a distance either by our pace or body part, then compared it to the tape measure.   It was fun to see how accurate we could be, and how wildly off we could be.   It was a good exercise to get us thinking about scale and how we might sketch things around us.

    After a fun weekend, we were back on site at 8am working hard and digging up dirt.


    Jordan shaping our foundation.

    Jordan shaping our foundation.

    Wanwei and Carly