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    Week 3… The Goats

    A lot has been happening in Bluff these last few days! While waiting for some important material deliveries, we spent the last few days framing our interior walls.

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    Today, however, got off to a rough start, not because of any construction issues but because of the goats…… What we thought were cute, friendly goats turned out to be crazy attack goats. The following picture was taken just before Aimee was rammed in the kneecaps. Luckily with the help of Atsushi’s herding skills, a temporary fence, and teamwork we were able to remove the goats from the site (despite their persistency and aggression).




    Today we also received our generous donation from Big D construction, which mostly consisted of our subfloor and roofing material! We also have three students from Hosei University in Japan for the remainder of the session to help build.

    20190912_121551 20190912_125120

    We had a second big delivery today that consisted of our SIPs order from Big Sky. The SIPs (structurally insulated panels) are precut to match our design making the installation process must faster than conventional framing methods.




    And finally, we we able to install our 36′ glulams on top of our pier foundations!

    20190912_143059 25263


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