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    Session 2 – Season Opener

    This Session on… The Ultimate Bluffer!


    Snapshot of the house during Friday’s cleanup

    The roof is going up! After some intense structural discussions, the roof joists were hoisted to the ridge.  Thanks to the special guest who joined the Bluffers for the roof challenge, structural engineer, Paul McMullin! The house is really coming together.

    At the end of the workday, Taylor demonstrates how to stand…horizontally

    The Bluffers have created their own competition known as the “The Horizontal Standing Challenge” (It’s not laying down, it’s horizontal standing!). Currently, Rachel is leading the competition but Taylor is closely following. Here, she demonstrates her skill on soft bales of cellulose insulation.

    Rachel hard at work

    Meanwhile, Rachel peaks her head out from under the loft floor as she sledgehammers the last sheet of OSB into place. All that hard work and she’s ready for some well-deserved horizontal standing.

    Rachel takes a break at lunch

    Safest Person Champion!

    Diane is crowned Safest Person! Her coronation took place in the workshop where Atsushi awarded her with the special, green hardhat and said, “you can wear this”. Pictured here, she sits on her cinderblock throne posing for a victory picture. In the background, you can see the house that she protects from danger.