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    Session Finale

    (Pretend this was posted a week ago)

    Last Season on The Ultimate Bluffer…

    The Bluffers completed three major tasks.

    Pouring the foundations was a challenging feat.


    Flooring was a daunting obstacle but with the help of the Hosei student task force, the Bluffers were able to stay on schedule. (Shout out to Loki, Yoshi, and Kazu)


    The session concluded with a successful completion of the installation of exterior walls! The SIPS (structurally insulated panel system) are looking good.


    Our competitors continue in their journey to earn the title of…Ultimate Bluffer!

    Diane (Grandma Diane) covers up to fight off the dust.


    Sierra (S-Dawg) takes a high vantage point to keep a lookout for the goats.


    Taylor (Tay-Tay) power poses on the glulam as a nod to Denise Scott Brown.


    Rachel (Reicheru) finds a new napping location on the last day.


    Aimee (Aims) attempts to cantilever on the cantilever.


    As the bluffers continue their journey out in the desert, they will face many more challenges. Will the violent goats return? How many times will Aimee lose her hard hat? Can Diane keep rocking the pigtail look? Will Rachel find a comfortable place to nap on site? And who will be crowned the session’s ‘Safest Person’? Find out next season on… The Ultimate Bluffer!