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    All According to Plan… or not

    We started the day with a plan. We planned to work at the site for half the day and come back around lunch. We hoped to finish the last module’s trusses, we got so close, only two more to go! Another team added rigid insulation between the trusses to mitigate air flow under the roof from underneath the soffits. We could only do half the house because we didn’t have the lumber to create the four foot overhangs, a necessary step before the insulation.

    The team headed back at noon in hopes to meet the U-haul team that was returning from Salt Lake City with materials. There was also a very needed design meeting on the agenda, with redesigning the front entrance as one of them. Wanting to include everyone in the meeting, we decided to wait for the U-haul team to return.

    Sharon and Tyler returned with a 26′ long truck of supplies. We spent the next hour unloading thousands of pounds in materials. It felt like Christmas, as we each got more excited with each new material that arrived.

    After unloading the material, a team needed to head to Blanding to return the truck and pick up materials. By then, it was an hour before dinner, and no design meeting had happened yet. We pushed dinner and the design meeting back in hopes for the material run people to join in. The material run team kept running into setbacks that made them later and later. Remaining students on campus had dinner and decided to reschedule the design meeting to the next day.

    Overall, we had planned to accomplish more than hoped, but that is the realities of design build. Things don’t happen according to plan and or take much longer than originally hoped.



    Allii adding spray foam around the rigid insulation at the trusses


    The trusses create amazing shadows


    Sam nailing the truss into the blocking


    Molly placing blocking for the next truss


    Janie and Perry placing a truss into place


    Venisse admiring the house that is coming together


    End of the day’s work