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    September 9th, 2020: The Cold Came Early

    Today, the day greeted us with cloudy skies, autumn-chilly winds, and lots of rain. The team decided to divide and conquer and split two ways: one stayed on campus to finish the window and door stud framing and the second group went on a material run and shopped for the week’s groceries (the crew’s gotta eat!).

    The crew that went on the errand run had a couple stops to make in Blanding. The first stop on the way was to the dump. It was garbage day so we loaded the truck and still trying to figure out the recycling, composting, and garbage sorting we managed to get that taken care of. The next stop was to Montella’s Repair shop. The 16 foot trailer we use to take material to the site had some broken parts in need of repair. After unloading the trailer we made a gas stop before heading to San Juan Building Supply and ACE Hardware for material bids and supply pickups. After finishing up with logistics our last stop was Clarks for our dinners for the next week. Even though it was stormy the entire time we made our errands run we managed to finish by noon!


    Team Stud finished up cutting and nailing the exterior walls. The team learned some valuable lessons on measure and double checking measurements. Pro-tip: don’t skip out on that step. The walls are ready to load up and take to the site as soon as the footings and flooring are in place, which we are anticipating will be on Week 4. We also had Mykayla start painting and water-proofing the OSB. We learned the paint is very effective in water repellant, as it repelled off the water on the OSB from the rain. Painting was cut short.




    Stay tuned!