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    Step by Step by Step

    Hi everyone, us again. Today was a mix of many tasks, both on the interior and exterior.


    What the house is looking like so far.

    On the inside, we were able to begin installing the plastic to hold the spray in insulation, as well as continue to straighten interior walls for drywall installation.


    Mykala lining up the plastic wrap for blow-in insulation.


    An up-close shot of what the plastic wrap looks like once placed.


    Venisse stapling the plastic wrap to the studs.

    On the exterior, the majority of furring strips that go below the metal and cedar siding were meticulously installed, and the roofing crew continued to add flashing and plan how to build and layer the metal roofing.


    Tyler bending metal sheets for some flashing.


    Tyler and Sam nailing the flashing to the soffit areas.


    Sam measuring the flashing to place.


    Molly screwing into a furring strip.


    Logan, Venisse, and Josh taking a break.

     It was an important day of adding the hidden layers behind the finished materials. These are the important components that help with ventilation, heating/cooling, and moisture control.

    Next week we plan to have all exterior materials completed!


    The ‘Demic Bluffers