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    You Dig?


    Smoke surrounded the mesa, isolating us onto from the world and mountains beyond. Monday we finished digging the holes for the foundations. With plenty of help from Carmen, all 16 formworks were placed and leveled, a long with gravel base. Two of the holes were particularly stubborn. To finish each required four people trading off to dig through the compacted sand. In this process Atsushi taught us to rub our muscles in between turns with picks or shovels.


    After a long day on site, the San Juan River is always waiting for a dip, but finding time between travel from the site, and eating dinner is a difficult task. Dinner was designed to be a picnic for everyone, forcing everyone to the river to eat gave everyone one a chance to rest and rejuvenate in the shallow current, and feel the sandy bottom bury their feet as the cool water washed away the dust of the day.