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    TMU & U of U WORKSHOP2018 DAY 7

    Hi! I’m Wataru. I’m a 2nd year master student of TMU. Fortunately, this is 2nd participation  in DBB project for only me.

    We completed our construction yesterday but last TMU students’ work, Jane’s Memorial that I took part in should be repaired. So this morning we gathered at Jane’s monument and start it.

    Firstly we got gravel to exchange the base materials. Last year we put small gravel on base but when we arrive Bluff this year, it is covered with sand borne on wind. So it became to be difficult to see the boundary between white and red area. This work ends at noon and Jane’s memorial looks like better.


    Afternoon we had a hiking with Hiroko and her daughters. Almost us don’t have any opportunity to see ancient native American ruins, so it was very fantastic experience!


    And then we had a completion party in our site. Thank you for gathering! We can have very nice time.


    This is last night to stay in here. We have to leave here tomorrow… I can’t believe it… bye…