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    TMU & U of U WORKSHOP2018 DAY5

    Hello,I’m Nodoka, a 4th year bachelor student of TMU.

    Today is third day of construction.

    First, the concrete that poured into the frame the day before yesterday dried, so I detach the frame.The concrete had to work upside down when detach the frame so that the bottom part would be on the top. Depending on the frame, I was anxiety about it because there were not finished very beautifully. However, I thought that it would be possible to show it beautifully, for example by considering the arrangement so that those parts look beautiful.



    Next, when I arrived at the site there was a sign that I decided in advance. I decided the guide in the direction centered on that sign. It was a little difficult to show the angle from there as shown in the plan. When all the positions can be guide, we started excavating holes to fill the block based on that. At the same time it was necessary to move the gravel to fill the hole. To do inside while the sun is strong has physical strength, it was very hard.


    In the afternoon work, I started working on people who continued work in the morning and those who carried the concrete earlier on the site. The concrete was so heavy that it took a lot of time to load it on the car. In the site I buried the gravel in the hole I dug. After filling the gravel to a certain extent, I filled the block there. This block was the bottom foundation, so everyone was carefully adjusting the level. Working on site where dry and dust gather is very difficult and everyone took hard work while polluting the whole body.


    Tomorrow is last work. We will build concrete on the foundation and aim for complication.